Aaron Zeal
Aliases Gold-Dust Alchemist

Iron Seal

Iron-Sand Alchemist (Former)

Hometown South City
Date of Birth 8.8.
Age 35
Family Alicia Zeal [Deceased, Older Sister]
Affiliations Himself
Previous Affiliations Military
Occupation Gold-Dust Alchemist

Iron-Sand Alchemist (Former)

Rank Lieutnant-Colonel (Former)

State Alchemist (Former)

Abilities Alchemy
Weapon Knife, Pistol
Aaron Zeal, also called "Iron Seal", is former State Alchemist and Mercenary who works mainly alone. He is only known alchemist to break all three laws of National Alchemist's with single transmutation; Turning his own superior to Gold Statue.


Aaron wears black armour with a long sleeveless black jacket and purple comforters. He has black hair and burgundy eyes, as well as pale skin. he carries pistol and survival knife, knife strapped behind his right boot, while pistol is behind his jackets.

Back in Ishval War, he wore usual National Alchemist attire.

Aaron has Transmutation circle tatooed on his palms, as well as carved on blade of his knife.


Zeal is calm and calculative person. He has always escape route planned, incase he have to flee somepoint. He seems somesort of sense of honor, as he avoids killing civilians with his alchemy.

As Iron Seal, Aaron tries to act cold and heartless person.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Aaron's Transmutation Circle

Gold AlchemyEdit

Zeal is able to transmute coal, iron and other solid metals to gold. However, as mass of items stays same, new forms are quite easily breakable. He is able to make even houses collapse, after transmuting them to gold (they collapse from their own weight). Turning a human, however, is much harder; He must also take materials from surrounding earth to make gold more solid, to avoid "Statues" to break immidiatly. However, he prefers not resort on transmuting persons.

Alkahestry Edit

Aaron has spent several years at Xing after he left army, learning how to use Alkahestry. By using pieces of cloth with his transmutation circle on them, he is able to trigger remote alchemy.


Image is Alvaro Garay.

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