The ozone achemist armed and dangerous by larkthegirlwonder29-d9gt4xt

Carys Ansel is a State Alchemist of the Amestrian Military, also known as the Ozone Alchemist. Although she is often found to be working with the Mustang Unit, she has yet to be confirmed as an official member.


Carys is a young woman with thick, medium-length black hair normally tied back in a ponytail with a red ribbon. A few stray locks of hair hang free from the tail in the back of her head. She has dark brown eyes and fair skin. She usually wears her standard military uniform, but with few choice alterations: her jacket top is left open to reveal a dark gray or black tank top underneath, and she wears a pale gray scarf tucked underneath her collar. Sometimes she will even roll up her trousers to thigh-length as she finds it gives her 'easier maneuverability'. Carys also wears an emerald silver ring at all times, given to her by her father. The stone is engraved with the alchemical symbols for air and water and allows her to manipulate the water in the air.


Carys is easygoing, typically seen with a grin on her face wherever she goes. However, she can be serious when need be, obeying commands from her superiors with barely a second thought. Carys is also shown to have a sadistic side, as noted by Katherine when she delights in tormenting Mugear about there being lots of blood from their 'victims', and her cheeriness when engaging in battle (beating people up). She also teases Edward about his height, gaining pleasure when the latter reacts angrily.

Carys is bisexual, and eventually ends up confessing her love to and later on marrying Katherine Elric at the end of the series.