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Knave Blade
Knave Blade
Aliases The Nova Alchemist
Hometown Harugeon
Date of Birth March 3rd
Age 17
Family Unnamed father

Unnamed mother

Affiliations State Alchemists
Occupation State Alchemist
Abilities Nova Alchemy
Weapon None
First Appearance The Nova Alchemist
My alchemy is powered by the sun. And like the sun, I'll always rise again, no matter what happens.


Knave Blade (ネーブ ブレーヅ, Neibu Bureidu) is a State Alchemist and the central protagnist of my Fullmetal Alchemist fanon series. He has been dubbed The Nova Alchemist (新星錬金術師, Shinsei renkinjutsu-shi), do to his alchemy of manipulating the UV rays of the sun and other such stars.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Nova Alchemy (新星錬金術, Shinsei renkinjutsu)- a branch of alchemy that allows Knave to manipulate the UV rays of the sun and other stars. Knave can use these to attack, shaping them into structures, and even heal wounds by cauterizing them via the heat. This form of alchemy is exclusive to Knave. Knave has no need of a transmutation circle, due to the fact that one is carved onto the back of his right hand.

Natural AbilitiesEdit


Major BattlesEdit


  • His appearence is based off Black*Star in his Spartoi uniform from the manga/anime Soul Eater by Okubo Atashi.