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Randal Valor
Hometown Unknown
Date of Birth April 18, 1874
Age 41
Family Randal Valor Sr. (Father)
Affiliations State Military
Occupation Military Officer
Rank First Lieutenant
Abilities Martial Arts

Club Fighting


Weapon Club
Lieutenant Randal Valor is an officer in the State Military of Armestris, and the chief bodyguard of the higher-ups of the Military. While having the oppurtunity to be promoted all the way up to Colonel, Randal has rejected any promotion passed First Lieutenant that he's been offered.


Randal is a scruffy looking, middle-aged man, with a stubbly chin and thick mustache. He has dark, pinkish hair, styled in a star shape manor. He has a very tan skin-tone, as well as a relatively muscular build. Randal typically wears the standard military officer's uniform, with his club hanging at his side.


Randal's most noticeble personality trait would most likely be his ever-present smile. He is very calm and usually keeps a smile on his face, even if he is in a fowl mood, making him very hard to read as well. Randal is also very modest about his abilities, and prefers to take a more "protector" role than a "leader" role, as shown by the fact that he has decided to not be promoted passed First Lieutenant.


Riza Hawkeye: Randal has been a very close friend of his fellow First Lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye, since she was first put into the military. Riza looks up to Randal as a father figure, though he sometimes gets on her nerves with his unserious demeanor, or because Randal enjoys teasing her. Despite this Randal and Riza have a very strong friendship and Randal likes to look out for his fellow Lieutenant.


Randal is well versed in many fields, but his specialty consists of talents such as tracking and martial arts. Randal is an extremely exceptional tracker, being able to pick up on the slightest mark of life on a path. He is also extremely skilled in weilding his club, which is made out of steel and approximately two feet long. He can also use his martial arts skills in conjunction with his club to be a very intense threat, even to other skilled officers.


  • His appearence is based on Kizashi Haruno from Naruto.