"I'm the Time Alchemist " Edit

" from the beginning with Jack Sparrow " Edit

Sagashiteru (Saga ) Alric is a state alchemist that goes as the Time Alchemist, (Taimu- Renjikistu -Shi), when he can use his alchemic powers to see the future and go back into the past. Sometime after he was an state alchemist, his family died in a shootout rebellion near Reole, Amestris.After that miserable day for him, he goes on a solo journey to look for a team to join with, which was Jack Sparrow's team.

Background(Past Life) Edit

Living in Amestris as a kid, he was normally going to military school at Reole, and his father was a military official named "The War Alchemist", and Saga was attempted to follow his own path to be a official alchemist , and his father was happy to say "Follow your dreams , Saga." This day was joyous until his dad died with his mother and brother. Saga was a state alchemist to see Edward Elric , the Fullmetal Alchemist.He got to see his friend Ellie, who consoled him with his sorrows.

Future Life and Death Edit

After he had grown up, Saga created a child android named Elias,which his experiment number was 1208. His invention was suddenly went wrong, causing machines to malfunction and explode. Saga was caught in the explosion and died. Before he died , he said to himself ,"Beware of the Experiment 1208 , Elias ."