Pending Authorization Edit

More soon...

Officially Established Commandments Edit

  1. Admins' Word is Law: Admins will not be challenged, under any circumstances. If you believe that you have been wrongly accused/punished by an admin, you are allowed to speak to another admin prior to deletion and/or banning. Admins will also agree to give a minimum of two days warning before deleting and/or banning of an article or user, respectively. However - that being said - if an admin's decision is supported by at least two other admins, and a plausible reason is given for said deletion and/or banning, that will be the final say.
  2. Irregardable Events: While alternate universes (abbreviated as "AU"'s) are allowed, there are some events that you are not allowed to disregard in either personal stories or collaborative roleplays. Stories that write the following events off as nonexistent will be deleted on sight; no trial. The following events are considered "set in stone," and, thus, cannot be disregarded in any stories completely:

Notes Edit

  • Many more rules shall be put in place in the coming weeks. We will be sure to keep these rules as up-to-date as possible.